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November 15, 2012

Well now, it’s been quite some time, hasn’t it.  Fortunately this happens to many people who venture into blogging.  I do enjoy having this, however most of my blogging occurs while I am at work and when things get busy here and especially also busy outside of work, this no longer is on the front page of my agenda.  So, not that anyone really reads this, but sorry to anyone who has checked in!  I really need to try to post at least once in awhile rather than never.

So, 5 million and one days after my last post, I assure you much has gone on and I have had many days of happy and good things to note and be thankful for. 🙂

Here is a short list:

1.  I ran my first half marathon in March WOOO.  Leading up to and following I had foot troubles though (yay bunion causing tendon straining?), so my time wasn’t quite where I wanted it.  However, my pace was right where I needed/wanted it to be for 8 miles until my foot started to hurt to much for me to not start walking some.  Regardless, I’m so proud of the accomplishment and of myself for sticking to letting myself heal and getting back into running slowly so I didn’t hurt myself more.

2.  I discovered Vibram Five Fingers and am in love.  Read above for just why I went this way.  Any running show was leaving me limping after even short mileage because of my bunion. So, instead of going over cushioned I decided to try even less with the thought that the individual toe space might actually do me good.  You see, with the bunion being pushed in by the outter edge of most sneakers, it was pulling on tendions elsewhere in my foot and straining them severely.  Sure enough I did a few miles (worked up to running slowly in them!) and I was alright.  Then I tried a few more.  And just the other day I did 10 miles and was fine.  I had a few tight muscles that with extra stretching made it okay.  The VFF’s allow my little toe to move as it needs so the rest of my foot is more at ease.  And yes, the extra stretching routine has also done wonders and it is all part of what I’ve done to work myself back into running after hardly being able to walk on my foot for a couple weeks following the half.  Diligence people!  Success!

3.  My sister got married! WOOHOO!  It was a gorgeous day, with a gorgeous bride, and an amazing groom.

4. I’ve started brewing my own beer and love doing it! 

5. I received an awesome promotion and raise at my job, which really helped when my roomie moved out and I stayed on in my apartment with just my pooch.  This was really the best thing to happen.  I have been wanting to live on my own for awhile and the roomie, which being a long time friend, wasn’t the best roomie in terms of common sense and realizing how your actions affect who lives around you. So yay to being on my own again and having my own space to decorate as I want and to have people over to as I want.

6.  I bought a new car back in February, a Kia Optima, because my old car was having steering column issues repeatedly.  After the 4th time I had enough. 🙂  Love the new car with her fierce headlights!  VROOM

7.  The pooch o’ mine had cancer and beat it for now.  That doesn’t sound like a ‘happy’ thing, but it is a blessing in that it could have been much more extensive.  He had a tumor on his back that they were able to just slice out right now.  The whole thing did cost upwards of $800 when it was done, but had there been things eternally or a larger lump it would have been much more pricey and verging on a range that I can not spend on a pet.  I love my dog, but I can’t go into debt for him.  The tumor did come back as the worse grade of tumor, meaning it has the most chance of returning and not just in the same location, but anywhere.  For now he has been totally healthy and perhaps it will never return.  I’m just thankful that he is okay right now. 🙂

8.  Oh, hey, I have a new boyfriend. 😉  Yeah, that old one went away back in Feb around when I last blogged. Actually it hadn’t been good for a little before that, but it isn’t worth dwelling on.  The new guy totally is.  He isn’t just a new guy, though.  He was a friend I knew from over a year ago and we got back in touch.  We always had a great connection and I hadn’t let it be more than friends in the past, which is why we lost touch when I started dating the last guy.  J was a little hurt and stopped talking to me, which he has admitted was silly since I never gave any pretenses that there would be more, but made it clear I wanted to be friends.  I was not being callous and it was so strange this time around when it started transitioning to more.  How do you handle that with a friend you have such a connection to (think have the same thoughts, are the male/female versions of each other, say something the other is thinking without a clue that’s what they’re thinking.. etc.) and value so much knowing that if it goes wrong you lose that person in your life?  That’s why I stalled it last time.  BUt this time I wanted to go a different direction. I have a great time with him and still have a great time with him.  Who knows where it will go, but I hope it goes far. 6 1/2 months in is not very long, but I am so glad we are here and that it is happening.

9.  RAC round 2!  Relay Around Columbus happened last year, but not how I wanted it.  I was supposed to RUN It, but because of my foot, I couldn’t.  I did go and serve as the team’s volunteer, though, and the whole thing was just awesome.  Well, next year we are going to do it again as long as we find a team and I am planning on running it this time!  Send your thoughts our way!

Anyway, that’s a start that hardly touches the whole year.  It’s been a busy and productive one.  I’ll try my best to blog a little more. It’s always fun to do!



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  1. decoybetty permalink
    November 16, 2012 12:50 am

    Wow seems like a lot has happened since February, glad you pup beat the cancer!

  2. November 24, 2012 9:14 pm

    Holy moly, there’s definitely been a lot going on for you to be thankful for! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

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