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Day 86: Gatorade/Steelers 5k

September 7, 2011

We did another 5k this past weekend.  It was the annual Steelers 5k, which isn’t too difficult of a route at all.  There is one small-medium sized hill mixed in with mostly flat paths.  The whole thing is on pavement except for maybe a short quarter mile section through a wooded area which cuts you back over to roadway.  What is neat, though, is that you get to pass our baseball stadium and finally end in the football stadium, after running through one of the big doorways like a football player. 

What was rough about the run on Sunday, was the humidity.  Oh and running through the rib fest will trying to suck in air kind of made me want to vomit.  It smelled delish both before and after the race, though.  Despite that, we finished in 25:32.  Had I not been light headed and had to slow my pace at a couple points I probably could have pushed it into the 24 min mark, but oh well!  25 is still awesome for me and my running partner only would have run maybe a minute or so faster, so I didn’t hold him back as much as the previous run that had the huge hill in it.

I have a picture, but it isn’t loaded, so you’ll have to just wait until another day for a picture update. 

Oh, before I keep forgetting, my time put me 24th out of 224 in my class. WOOHOO! That’s kind of exciting!  The partner’s class was a bit more competitive, but he still was in the top third of his class.

On a side note, the running partner is working out SUPER well, in more ways than just running.  🙂  This girl is happy.


Have a WONDERFUL hump day!

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  1. September 8, 2011 5:49 am

    Way to go on the run!

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